Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

INTERVIEW with Adam Crammond

Yo Folks ! I made a short Interview with ADAM CRAMMOND (Founder of Proc Records ).

1. What was your first big love in music ?

i grew up during a period of time in the early 1990's when electronic music (especially techno)
was really starting to be played alot on late-night radio stations. I used to spend
hours listening to the amazing things i was hearing.
it quickly became the only thing i would listen to, and as time went on, my interests
in the genre broadened. my current all-time-favorite artists are plastikman and autechre, but
there is so much good music out there.
my first interest in electronic music was very much centralized on techno and house music, but over
the years my tastes have broadened and now include ALL aspects of electronic music, especially noise.

2. What was your first big love in general ?

music. music has always been my true passion. listening, creating and sharing. it's what i love the most.
also, coffee and women (: haha

3. What is your definition of Underground ?

i usually define 'underground' as being a place where the mainstream media
hasn't taken over and where monetary influence has disappeared.
i feel that making art for the purpose of generating financial income destroys
the quality of the work.
proc-rec will ALWAYS remain underground.

4. Tell us something about Proc Records and your other projects.

proc-records is one of the most personally rewarding things I've been
a part of. i've been in contact with some truly amazing individuals and
as a result have also made some close friends.
it has also been a large contributing factor to the progression of my own
musical sounds. I hope to have such a privilege for many many years.

5. How do you see electronic music in 10 years ?

i see electronic music being relatively the same.
im sure the basic elements will remain, though with the use of new
technology, the possibilities are quite honestly endless.
as long as people continue to experiment and open their minds to new possibilities,
anything can happen.
hopefully netlabels like proc, 20kbps, Test Tube, TFN and LTR will continue
to be so productive.

6. Your favorite rockband ?

i have never really embraced the rock genre.
i have a large amount of respect for it, and I also understand why people like it.
however, i have never really embraced it as my genre of choice.
--im a raver at heart ;) --
i think that some of the most original rock came from the 1960's era when
psychedelic's were really big.

7. What is the difference between the scene in the USA and Europe ?

I cannot say for sure, since i have not been oversea's.
however, music is a universal language understood by everyone.
essentially, i would assume that the scene as a whole is relatively
the same everywhere.
I have noticed that Russia is very much a country with a huge appreciation for
noise audio.
most of the noise on proc-rec (and certainly some of the best) has came from
Russia and the Ukraine.

8. Your favorite book ?

Unfortunately i dont get an oppurtunity to read often, though when i do i enjoy to read
philosophy (Kierkegard, Kant, Nietsche, etc) and biographys.
also, Jesus was a cool guy so obviously the bible too.

9. Last Words ?

don't change who you are for ANYBODY.

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