Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

The Militarization of Peace

When militarization ceases to be an exclusively wartime process and to belong only on the
Battlefield, then even peace- the temporary gap, the blank space between war machines
And collective survival – can be militarized. This does not mean taking advantage of peace as
A temporary suspension which can be exploited, or as a depository in preparation for the
Militarization processes of future wars.
Rather and far more significantly, it means the endo-militarization of peace itself, wherein peace is directly used as a weapon, exploited as a new plane for invasion and insurgency, and for offensive strikes against enemy bases and supportive lattics.
New modes of disseminating terror threaten the basic notion of survival in general, creating a generalized state of terror where death hangs over, regulates, every moment that is lived.
Such necrocracy is the goal of heretical Islamic agencies of Terror, movements believing in the absolute excommunication (Takfir) of infidels.
A Takfiri engages as a shadow terrorist in White War – the endo-militarization of peace, a state of hypercamouflage. In this war, the cover of camouflage can never be penetrated or disrupted, and the defensive employment of camouflage is replaced by a wholly novel, highly offensive deployment, the space of hypercamouflage.
In attempting defence, the enemy can only necrotize and dissolve itself.
When a Takfiri becomes as one with ordinary civilians – no longer dissimulating but moving and behaving like a true, unfaithful civilian in every aspect of his or her public and private life- then the weapon begins autonomsly to be activated from the other side; the government itself begins to filter, purge and hunt down its own civilians, curtailing their rights, confining them to economic, social and political quarantine to isolate or even purge the disease and its potential hosts at the same time. Now, each individual is potentially a Takfiri cell or niche.
A Takfiri levels himself with evreyone and consequently levels evreyone with himself.
Human rights concerns about killings of civilians could relevantly be extended from the empirical level to that of the transcendental , where the eradiction in principle of all civilian populations is taking place. The concept of “the civilian” is becoming dated.

- Reza Negarestani

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