Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009


It begins like waking from a dream into a nightmare, and carries the listener through a fractured path designed and constructed through the creativity of artists with the desire to surpass themselves. Created by members of the electronic music production community - IDMforums, in honor of the Industrial, EBM & Power Electronics section, not just as another industrial compilation, but as a tribute to a style of music that has inspired us to explore and reimagine sound through our own vision. Contained within the tracks in this compilation are echoes from not only the past and present of industrial music, but perhaps the future as well.

Divergence features 14 tracks from a diverse selection of artists from the IDMforums community, including new and exclusive tracks from Keef Baker, Endif, Tapage, Unterm Rad, and more. Both downloadable packages contain excellent full album artwork by Sean Forsythe, and short bios of all included artists in a single PDF document for your convenience.


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