Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

First step on the road to the Eternal Noise

Running by FILTHY TURD:
"THE BLOBbb is the name of a podcast i'm gonna squeeze out of my greasy hole first week of every month TILL THE END OF TIME. It be some collaborative effort I implore ye all send me sound and audio jizz, mp3 or wav no longer than 3 mins ANYTHING GOES I'll just jam it all together ANYTHING GOES - fake animal noises sex boredom daytime soap operas ill-anal hogwash breakfast snouting neighbourly spazz attack arcade spunksstain cries of horror carwash phonecalls moaning uh-huh- all those secret things you do when no ones looking I'LL JUST JAM IT TOGETHER and every month overlay bits from previ-oSe podcasts untill years from now it's an eternal munge heap of quiver and i'll make all the source files available for ever so anyone can make their own BLOBbb - the name of the game be the eternal noise

I'll loop bits overlay bits speed up bits whichever way the old EVO sends i - do send names and addresses and internet links and all that shit and I'll publish all info somehowsomeway with each podcast but it wont be track x followed by track y so no one will ever know who is who and by the end of time it'll be a BLOBbb of hiss so it wont really matter so maybe if you be seriouse noise artist looking to expand your brand this'll be a heap of SHIT TO YOU cuz really... it's not about that, it's about... i dunno... FACELESS EGOLESS NOISE that eventually goes beyond any idea of product... it's just the eternal noise... oozing gunk pushed through the holes in the wall.."



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